First Review! Jennifer Close’s Girls in White Dresses

Girls in White DressesI wanted to start this blog off on a good foot and no bad karma due to bad reviews. So I picked Jennifer Close’s Girls in White Dresses. Girls the book is similar to Girls the tv show on HBO. But I’ll make the bold claim that this book is far superior to the show (of which I watched a few episodes and quickly tired). I first read it about a year ago and pull it off my shelf every few months since.

The plot centers around 3 college friends – Isabella, Mary, and Lauren – as they venture from college to real life in the big city. Initially Isabella and Mary are NYC roommates in a low-paying, entry-level grunt job and law school respectively, with their college friends Kristi and Abby as neighbors. Lauren meanwhile lives in Chicago with a few other of their college friends. Through a series of vignettes loosely connected by their characters, the reader learns more about each girl and their struggles with young adulthood, from bad boyfriends to worse jobs. We follow these girls for about 10 years of their lives, into their early thirties and marriage and babies.

As you can probably tell by now, I LOVE this book. Obviously being a twentysomething myself helps me relate to the characters. I can see reflections of myself and my friends in them but I would also want to be friends with them. They get themselves into hysterical and ridiculous situations, but their reactions and motivations remain understandable. This book can make me laugh when I feel like like is spiraling out of control and also gives me hope for the future.

Highly recommend for female readers who grew up with The Babysitter’s Club and The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants and looking for a fun book about strong friendships to graduate to.

5 Stars


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