In the News: Beach Libraries

The Huffington Post’s Lisa Miller recently reported on a new trend sure to excite bibliophiles around the world. The title basically sums it up accurately: “Beachfront Libraries Are Pretty Much the Best Idea Ever.” Agreed.

Imagine lounging on the shore with a cool beverage in hand and the sun gloriously shining and the waves lapping at your feet as they burrow into the sand…and finishing your book. What’s a bookworm to do?!?! That’s more than half the fun of a beach vacation. Yes, I know that in this day and age, everyone e-books and doesn’t have this problem. But for those of us who still prefer paper, or are so technologically inept that the thought of bringing an expensive electronic device near nature is off-putting, this is the perfect solution! You just skip on over to your nearby beachfront library, browse around a bit, and pick up whatever catches your fancy. Back on your blanket, relax into the story and repeat as needed.


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