In the News: David Suchet on Poirot

I LOVE Agatha Christie! I’ve probably read at least 75% of her work – all the Poirots, most of the Miss Marple’s, and a scattering few others. She remains the yardstick against which all other mysteries are measured and one of my most beloved authors.

Now, as a reader, I’m usually quite hard on book-to-screen adaptations, but for the 25 years he’s been playing Poirot, David Suchet has nailed it. The entire series is fantastic, down to the realistic set and costume details, but it wouldn’t have thrived and excelled if Suchet hadn’t been the perfect character actor. He brings Poirot alive from the text and even imbues him with added emotional complexity that isn’t as obvious in the fictional canon.

The New York Times just published an interview with Suchet on bidding “Adieu to that Dapper Detective.” The last season of the series has already aired in Britain and can be viewed in the US on PBS starting next weekend.


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