In the News: “Building a Better Teacher”

As someone who works in an educational institution and loves books, a book about education is right up my alley. Everyone recognizes that a myriad of problems face the American education system, and we’ve certainly seen numerous solutions attempted. Personally, I feel like improving teacher effectiveness is one of the easier fixes (compared to a systematic institutional overhaul at least).

Now I don’t want to put my foot in my mouth because I am not a teacher and I don’t understand everything they go through, but we all had teachers we were inspired by and teachers we couldn’t wait to say goodbye to. Yet, maybe even those “bad” teachers could’ve become good if they had more tools and training at their disposal. I realize that teaching teachers will cost time, money and other scarce resources, but it’s like that old adage “If you teach a man to fish…” Well, if you teach a man/woman how to teach well, that would make a lasting impact on their classroom for years to come.

On NPR’s interview “‘Building a Better Teacher’: Dissecting America’s Education Culture,” author Elizabeth Green speaks to her experiences observing teachers over six years in Japan and America, and highlights how the art of teaching can be improved for the benefit of our children and school systems. Based on the snippets provided by NPR, covering topics from math to mentorship, I’m definitely adding this to my “to-read” shelf. Keep an eye out for a future review!


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