Love at First Site by Erika Ettin

Love at First SiteErika Ettin’s Love at First Site was our book club’s February pick in honor of Valentine’s Day. For those of you thinking it’s weird that we chose a how-to guide to online dating, (1) yes, it’s weird but (2) we chose it in support of Erika, a DC resident and graduate of our alma mater.

Erika was a single economist when she became an early adoptee of online dating through JDate in the 2000s. As she went on more and more dates, both successful and unsuccessful, she realized that she was figuring out the limited science behind finding love online. Once her friends turned to her for help creating the best profiles, she realized that she preferred matchmaking to her job, so she quit and started “A Little Nudge,” her coaching business for online dating. According to Erika, “It’s a simple equation: more profile views equal more dates, more dates equal a better chance at finding your match.”

Unfortunately, despite her background, the book does not contain enough statistics and data about online dating in general or her success rate particularly.  Instead she covers everything from picking your best pictures to first date etiquette. A lot of her advice is common sense, but some points were interesting, such as wearing red in your photos to suggest passion and never going to dinner on the first date. However, the writing cohesion wasn’t great, since the book was formed by a series of her articles strung together and mixed with client anecdotes, leading to some redundancy.

Honestly though, I have to say the highlight of the hour (beyond the delicious red velvet cupcakes) was the random man who sat down behind us and began participating in our conversation, sympathizing about the struggles of finding “the one.” As a colleague of mine put it, he and others around us probably thought that we were a singles support group. Horribly embarrassing, but endlessly amusing!

This book wasn’t terrible, just not terribly applicable to my life, and not having conducted an experiment to figure out if Erika’s advice is accurate, I don’t feel like I can rate it highly. If you are online dating and want to maximize your chances of finding a life partner, this book would be well suited for you.

3 Stars


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