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If the name doesn’t spoil the surprise, this is a book blog. As I said in the About Me section, pretty much all of my free time goes to reading “tomes”, though the name is slightly tongue-in-cheek as I frequently read far less weighty things! And I definitely can’t promise any tome-like dissertations as reviews, but will can hopefully entertain with some criticisms and witticisms.

My reading tastes can be kind of eclectic. There’s no genre that’s absolutely off limits, but I do tend towards a certain few. For fiction, I usually go for mysteries, fantasy, horror/thriller, young adult, chick-lit or historical fiction. For non-fiction, mostly histories and biographies/memoirs, though I will read the occasional self-help, psychological or sociological text (think Malcolm Gladwell or Daniel Pink – I have no idea what the genre is actually called).

Two of my goals with this blog are (1) to finish reading the “Classics” and (2) to read a more diverse group of authors. In the first case, I often despair over the educational system today but have qualms about calling myself well-educated without reading the greats, even if I don’t understand sometimes why they’re considered great. In the second case, I was an international relations major, but most of the works I read are American or British, which is a shame because there’s a lot of fantastic native authors or even novels set in other countries.

Finally, I would be thrilled if anyone reading had amazing recommendations in any category! Please comment and let me know if so.

P.S. I only review a portion of the books I read since many of them I don’t have strong opinions about. And obviously, I’ve just started this blog recently, which means I don’t have reviews of the books I’ve read in the last twenty-odd years unless I decide to re-read them. For a full look at what I’ve read, rated, and want to read, head over to my Goodreads.


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