Ratings Guide

For this blog, I’m using a 5 star rating index, with 5 being the best, can’t-get-you-out-of-my-head books and 1 being the worst, how-did-this-junk-get-published books.

I consider all reading experiences to begin at 3 stars. If a book is even mildly enjoyable and not a slog to finish, it will remain at 3 stars. If I am incredibly displeased with the characters, plot, or writing style, it will decrease the rating. If the characterizations are complex, the world-building is intricate, the plot lacks large holes, and/or the tale is well-told, it will increase the rating.

I know not all readers will agree with me, but for reference’s sake, consider my following ranking of well-known books:

  • 1 star: Twilight, for misogyny, bad writing, and groan-worthy plot of useless cliches
  • 2 stars:  The Lost Symbol, with a boring, repetitious plot that utterly failed at being engaging
  • 3 stars: Jane Eyre, for lacking likeable characters but airing intriguing melodrama in a well-written manner
  • 4 stars: Pride and Prejudice, much beloved and reread but not necessarily on the top of my “best books ever” list
  • 5 stars: Harry Potter, not the most sophisticated prose but able to draw me in and keep me hooked 10 years later

I reserve the right to use 1/2 stars if I’m truly torn between two rating levels. I promise not to do it often and not to descend to 3/4 or 1/8 stars in the future.


2 thoughts on “Ratings Guide

  1. Car says:

    JANE EYRE DESERVES FIVE STARS. Protesting via email was not sufficient. To recap: Badass, self-sufficient feminist protagonist with a strong moral backbone runs around gothic moors, drinks tea, and falls in love with a guy who respects her (and also can offer much tea). FIVE STARS.

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