Review Policy

I am currently accepting books for review. Please look at my About Me and About the Blog sections or my past reviews for a better idea of what genres I’m interested in.

Broadly, I’ll read any both non-fiction and fiction. I prefer History or Biography/Memoir for non-fiction, and Young Adult, Historical Fiction, Fantasy, Mystery, or General/Contemporary for fiction books. However, if you’re not in those genres, please contact me and we can discuss if your book is a good fit for this blog.

I prefer e-books, ARCs, or finished copies. No audiobooks please. I am happy to read self-published or indie books.

I promise to read and rate any book sent to me. I will mention the book on my Goodreads and my blog, but the length of the review may differ depending on what I have to say. I will be honest in my likes and dislikes, but will try to keep the commentary civil and constructive to authors, editors, and readers. In addition to a plot summary and my opinion of the book, I will also try to describe what types of reader the book would most appeal to.

I would prefer to be sent books at least 1 month prior to the date you want the review posted (with a clear indication of what that date is!), but can turnaround reviews typically with at least a week’s notice.

I will not host giveaways or hold author interviews at this time.

For more information about my review policies or to request a review of your book, I can be reached at time2tome (at) gmail (dot) com.



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